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How big is the market for OSHA training?
If I’m looking at this question correctly, whomever is asking it is more than likely wanting to know if it’s a good idea to start an OSHA training company and if it would be profitable? Not how big the course offering market is for OSHA training, which is what I think some of the answers I’ve seen on here are really answering. Good info, but I’m reading the original question differently.If I’m right, I’m going to say it’s expensive and you have to be willing to take on a lot of liability. This isn’t to deter you from pursuing it, but many people think, “well dang, I’m paying $400 bucks for this guy to go through a slide show on how not to be an idiot on my job and not get hurt and there’s 15 people in this class, that’s $6000 for a few hours of work! Pssh…I can do that!” Right, what they are failing to realize is that as a safety professional, especially, anyone who is training anyone or organization, that person assumes liability for the training they have provided. I’ll give you a personal example.We did a job for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that took nearly 1.5 years to complete. (If you’re not familiar with working with the Army Corps. of Engineers, I can tell you that you better know your s**t and you better have the credentials to back up your training program. If you don’t they will shut you down faster than you can say OSHA and you will be removed from the job.) Anyways, I am a certified Fall Protection Competent Person Trainer, so I can legally prtraining to anyone needing an Authorized Person (8 hour training) or Competent Person (24 hours) training to be eligible to work at a height on any job in any industry in the U.S. I am certified through 3M Safety which used to go by Capital Safety and they are for the most part the “golden standard” for fall protection equipment (DBI-Sala) and 3M products as well as research into fall protection as well as providing the training. If I had an incident on the job at Ft. Hood or any other job that I provided the fall protection training for, the first person they will look at is me. They will question my training, the course work I used, inspect my training logs, inspect the material I provided, etc…and if they find that I did not prthe adequate training necessary, I could be held in part for liability of the incident. We had a small incident where a guy didn’t have a lanyard connected to his harness. He was told to come down by the Corp. of Engineers Safety guy and asked if he knew he was supposed to have a lanyard. He tried to give the, “I didn’t know” card, but the safety guy told him he must and if didn’t again, he’d shut the job down. He then called me and began questioning our training program. He being new to safety, started questioning the company I went through’s training program (3M/Capital Safety), He then went and called 3M capital safety to get their training program and then told me that he was only aware of some other company that he knew provides training. He had me sit down with him and call them about providing an on-site training course. Kind of a slap in my face, but if this was what this guy wanted, then I’d do what it takes, but as we were talking to this company he suggested, I asked them if they actually created the training themselves and where they got their information. What do you think they said? They said that they have qualified trainers who took their training through 3M/Capital Safety lol. The Corp of Engineer Safety noob, kind of put his foot in his mouth after hearing that and we went about our business. Now, he recognizes 3M/Capital Safety as the standard in which FP should be trained by and uses them!So many times, I meet guys that all they’re after is the money and not truly in it for the true nature of helping people and saving lives. I’ve worked in Oil and Gas and I can tell you that half the Safety Consultants I met went through a couple weeks of in-house training, got on their rig or frac pad and only performed quality audits and when necessary wrote incident reports. But, they were being paid $1100 per day. I’ve worked in construction where safety companies are hired to come in and pran 8 hour training course, but because the management was so concerned about production schedules, they asked the safety trainer if he could cut the training in half and say they did the 8 hour training and they agreed! I mean heck, they’ve made their money right, why spend 8 hours when I can do it in 4 and my customer is happy with it? Heck yeah! Not realizing that they are assuming liability for the training they’ve provided.Someone below wrote that there are a lot of companies out there that do stuff like this, but not many are good at them. He is absolutely right. The quality of training is only as good as the trainer and the passion they have for doing the job. If you’re asking how big the market is for an OSHA training company because you think it’s just going to make you big money really quick, you won’t last long.The market is good for quality OSHA trainers especially, within the construction, manufacturing, and Oil and Gas industries. However, the biggest question is are you willing to put yourself on the line for the training you’re willing to provide. Are you willing to say, Yes, I trained this person and here is how I did it, the material I provided, the quizzes they took, the final exam they took, the practical exercises we did, etc…If a company is going to pay you thousands of dollars to train their people, they fully expect the training is per standard and will take the liability of injury claims off their back.A huge reason some companies prsafety training besides it being required by law is to prevent lawsuits against the company. If a company can say, “we trained them, we gave them the information, we gave them the equipment, we did meetings and safety stand downs routinely, we encouraged safe work practices through incentive programs” and the employee still managed to hurt him/herself, the company can nearly wash their hands of your negligence let you deal with your own bills. If a company hires an outside company to perform the training, they are expecting you to take the brunt of that if it was to ever happen and if you can’t show that you did a quality job and kept up your record keeping and training logs, etc…you could be on the hook for a lot of money that could potentially drown you.Sorry for the lengthy and probably more than you’re asking for explanation, but as a person who truly loves safety and the service it provides, I wanted to ensure that the person asking this question saw the reality of what a company is taking on that does these types of things.Good luck and BE SAFE! Hope you have as successful safety career!
How do I get to use more than 300 characters when asking questions on Quora?
Look, the easiest way is to write more concise questions. If you haven't sworn at the screen and closed the tab in disgust yet (and I guess you haven't, you're still reading) your next questions will be "Why?" and "How?"So lets move on, huh? You and me together?Why? Waffles. Big, fluffy and not good for the health.Very, very often, longer questions either contain too much detail, much of it unnecessary, and are often not clearly formed. The question can be placed in a nice tidy 150 characters, then filled out with another few dozen characters in question details. Questions shouldn't be too specific, or they become non-reuseable, specific only to you. Questions should be straight to the point. too.How?Just tell people the answer you are looking for. So, if you use Quora as an advice column for home mechanics then, rather than writing a long question telling me what awful thing has happened to you and asking what is likely to happen, instead, ask a question like 'What can someone do to change X situation?You want a concrete example: "At work today, when I undid my trousers I dropped my mobile phone down the toilet and I can't see it, though I can see lots of bubbles when I phone the number. It's a LupiLusa xy49a, and it still has my SIM card in it. Can I get it out before it dies or is it useless? What do you suggest? What should I do?"Now apply my theory: What do you want people to tell you, really?"How can I fish my phone out of the toilet?" ...and in details: "I can't see it, but it bubbles when I ring it, so it's still active and not yet in the sewers."
How hard is the OSHA 510 training?
The OSHA 510 training is challenging, but this of course depends on your background as well as the instructor/school. I co-teach 10 and 30 hour construction trainings, I don't teach 510 myself, but am familiar with the curriculum.If you have already taken the 10-hour or 30-hour construction training, you will be better prepared for this classroom style training, and it will in many ways be an expansion of the types of  topics in the 10-hour or 30-hour training but in greater detail from a technical perspective. In other works, the 10-hour and 30-hour classes are oriented more towards employees who need to understand their rights, basic safety procedures and recognition and abatement of hazards. The  510 class is much more focused on the "technical" aspects of the OSHA standards, and on the details of construction safety and health. It is more targeted for managers and safety professionals who are responsible for not just working safely themselves, but designing and/or implementing safety programs.I would say that if you have a strong background in construction methods, and have taken the OSHA 10 or 30 hour construction course before, you shouldn't have too much of a problem with the 510 course and will learn a lot. However, if you don't have much of a background in construction or safety, you will be a bit behind the curve and have a harder time.
How do I get OSHA Compliance Training?
The easiest and fastest way to get your OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 training is to complete your course curriculum online.Note! Be sure you are completing your course with an authorized training organization, at the completion of your course you will receive your OSHA ‘certification• which essentially says you have completed the course curriculum.myComply has partnered with the leading online OSHA training facilitator, and works with over 13,000 construction workers to manage their compliance records and complete their OSHA training.(Book your online OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 courses now).For those who prefer in-person training, there are many different options locally where a person can complete their course curriculum and receive training certification.If you want to find training in your area, use the myComply search bar to see what authorized training organizations are offering in your neighborhood.(Search your region for certified OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 training).If you have any questions about the courses, how to get your training, or what the courses mean for you - visit myComply and ask our team to help you on the live chat!
How would you go about filling out all roughly 300 million lottery combinations to be 100% sure you hit the lottery?
Information in linked answer could be useful.Bill Crean's answer to What are my odds of winning the mega millions 1 billion dollar jackpot?In US, winnings are taxable remember and so when you do win there is the tax bill, which would put you in the red. If you have an accomplice living offshore US they may be tax exempt. It might be possible to buy into a lottery by defining all combinations from 1, 2, 3, 4. 5 with 1 as the Mega number to 66, 67, 68, 69, 70 with 25 as the Mega number. As stated in the linked answer there will be of the order of $900,000,000 to pay out for the tickets. Best of luck in getting a loan for this.I have just heard over the news at 0800 hr BST, 24/10/2018, that someone did win the Mega millions lottery in US.
How many 300 ml cups of water are needed to fill 2 litre jugs?
A liter is 1000 ml. So, 2 X 1000 ml = 2022 ml.So, to fill 2 liter container, with 300 ml cup = 2000/300 = 6–2/3 cups.
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