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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing osha reporting requirements 2021

Instructions and Help about osha reporting requirements 2021

Music the following short video is an overview of OSHA forms 300 a and 301 who is required to fill out OSHA reports establishments with 250 or more employees or establishments with 20 to 249 employees that are in certain industries with historically high rates of occupational injuries and illnesses examples of such industries are as follows construction manufacturing transportation warehousing and storaged nurse care facilities and utilities as you can see on the screen here we have converted OSHA's 301 form into a due forms form this form now allows you to capture information at the time of the incident as well as be able to go back and add some information that you might not have had at the time such as the number of days an employee missed work due to that incident you can also add data to your 301 form from the mobile or the portal at any time by simply retrieving the form by using the assigned case number as 301 forms are being submitted and updated new forms is automatically keeping a log of all the transactions that have happened with due forms you will receive an email once a month which includes a spreadsheet designed by OSHA but filled out automatically by due forms which contains the OSHA 300 log and the 300 a summary form as you can see on the log page of the OSHA report each individual row here is a submission that has come from the do forms form so every time a new incident has been documented before this report runs it adds that data to this list and then when you opened up your emailed report at the end of the month at the end of the year you would see the list of all of the incidents that have occurred in that time span once you've looked over all of the individual incidents you can jump to the summary form and all that's left to do for your organization is to fill out the rest of your establishment information as well as some other information that you might not have at the time if on a monthly report such as the annual average number of employees or the total hours worked by all employees of last year once you have all this information filled out you can then print out this document and paste it up on your wall along with all the other OSHA requirement forms within your organization for any additional information or any questions you might have please contact your Farms representatives.