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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing osha 300a form 2021

Instructions and Help about osha 300a form 2021

This is the video generating the ocean 301 incident report in this video you will learn how to enter information for the OSHA 301 incident report to create the OSHA 301 incident report begin by opening a web browser navigate to HCM Illinois state ETU enter your university login ID or ulid in the ulid field then enter your password in the password field click the Sign In button to access the OSHA 301 incident report page first click the navbar icon at the upper right of the screen in the menu that appears click the Navigator icon a menu will open to the right in this menu click workforce monitoring the workforce monitoring menu will replace the main menu click meet regulatory requirements the meet regulatory requirements menu will replace the workforce monitoring menu click regulatory reports the regulatory reports menu will replace the meet regulatory requirements menu click OSHA 301 incident report this will open the OSHA 301 incident report page on the OSHA 301 incident report screen select the type of employee the incident report is being run using the drop down menu employee or non employee for this example click employee then click the next link on the find an existing value tab enter any known search terms about the person you are searching then click the search button a list of matches will appear under search results at the bottom of the screen click the link for the person you are searching this will open a page with four tabs report data treatment incident description and miscellaneous in the report data tab entered the information requested in each field in the data file field enter the date that the incident report was filed using the MM DD y yyy format alternatively click the account or icon next to this field to select a date in the completed by field enter the name of who is filling out this report enter your title in the title field enter your phone number in the telephone field enter the time of the incident in this field using the HHMM am/pm format if I'm known select the check box next to time undetermined next click the treatment tab in the treatment tab enter information regarding treatment that the injured person received enter the name of the employees regular physician or healthcare provider in the name of physician or healthcare provider field the first section in this tab is off-site facility where treatment given if any in the name field enter the name of the doctor or healthcare provider of who administered the treatment in this field of treatment was given off-site in the address field enter the address of the off-site facility enter the city of the off-site facility in the city field enter the state of the off-site facility in the state field enter the postal court of the off-site facility in the postal code field the second section in this field is treated in emergency room.